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Aquarium 2.0

And your visitors are connected…


An edutainment production

Mission Océans, is a genuine edutainment intended for family audiences. It is aimed at providing a new, complementary perspective of the protection and preservation of the world’s oceans. Learn, understand, explore, and take part in the preservation of the oceans… while having fun!


Products which are adapted :

- For public use of Web 2.0

- To the constraints of aquariums

- To the international public

An innovative approach:

- For capturing audiences

- For expanding your community

- For generating new revenues

Mission Océans consists of: :

  • A mobile application for aquarium visitors.
  • A line of goodies will be available in the gift shops of aquariums. These products can be connected to computers, touch-tablets or smartphones.
  • Multiplatform video games combining adventure, reflection, discovery, management, and sharing.
  • An animated TV series (including a Second Screen application): an adventure series for children… and their parents!


Our “edutainment” project is a journey that will allow our family audience to experience a fabulous adventure, whatever the choice of platform: roam the oceans to discover new species, new underwater landscapes and become aware of the need to preserve the underwater life.



Scientific partners


With the scientific support of Mercator Ocean, the French ocean forecasting centre.


They support us


Credits        Terms of use - 33 (0) 5 45 90 12 88 - 72 rue Fontaine du Lizier, 16000 Angoulême

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