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1) A video game for smartphones and tablet PCs
A video game for parents… and children. Inspired by the documentary film “Oceans”, our video game is co-produced with Galatée Films, Company of Jacques Perrin (film producer). The missions of our video game were designed in cooperation with a scientific team.
Concept : A game of exploration and adventure where the players must accomplish multiple missions in order to protect the oceans and test themselves via several fun mini-gamesin 3D. A game of exploration and adventure with a social dimension and a link with the real world.
  • - Adventure game: carry out missions in order to protect marine species.
  • - Management game: send and manage teams on several on-site missions.
  • - Collaborative game: help one another to complete your missions.
  • - Rich and varied mini-games with gameplay inspired from real events.
  • - Integration of real events to the rhythm of the game.
  • - Using the Aquatek : manage your digital library of photographs and videos collected during missions.
  • - Use social networks to share the results of your missions.

The video game is currently available  

2) A multiplayer video game:

Learning is fun:


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Our video games designed for the ‘‘Dreamtonic’’ interactive table are aimed at promoting public awareness for the protection of sea animals and their environment: – Multiplayer interactive games (8 players max.) for the whole family – Collaborative games which are fast-paced and fun – A ‘‘Plug and Play’’ system.

An example of Play: “Bycatch”. The purpose of the game is to save as much bycatch fisheries as possible before the fishermen’s nets close on them.



Executive Producer Malika Brahmi Coproducer Jacques Perrin Director and artistic director Florent Mounier Scriptwriter Florent Mounier Scriptwriter/Scientific Advisors François Sarano, Stéphane Durand Technical Director David Deckeur Lead Game Design Damien Chauveau

Photo and videocredits

Copyright 2009 Galatée Films – Pathé Production – France 2 Cinéma – France 3 Cinéma – Notro Films

Credits        Terms of use - 33 (0) 5 45 90 12 88 - 72 rue Fontaine du Lizier, 16000 Angoulême

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