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Board game

Our board game promotes values of respect for nature.

Based on scientific information, our board game enables players, while having fun, to become aware of environmental challenges related to the world’s oceans and to the need to protect them…


Concept : a role playing strategy game.

Players must accomplish various missions to maintain the ecological balance of the oceans and protect sea creatures.


A collaboration game:

Each and every decision will direct the gameplay towards a different result. In order to win, players should establish a common strategy, learn to think and work together.


An evolutionary game:

Players will be able to add more excitement to the game by purchasing new figurines from the gift shops in aquariums. It is noted that a round in the physical game can be substituted on a tablet PC.


Mission Océans Goodies


Alarm Clock_TrailerClick to see the video

We are developing a line of goodies with a reduced environmental impact by using a maximum of recycled plastics, mainly recovered from the ocean.


(We are looking for industrial partners which can provide this kind of service. If you are concerned, please contact us)


A portion of the revenue generated from these products will be used to support concrete initiatives for recovery of plastics drifting in the ocean.


Other goodies will be available in aquariums’ gift shops. These goodies can be connected to computers, smartphones, or tablet OCs.


Connected products: In the 2.0 era, computers, tablets and smartphones are used by a lot of people on daily basis. Our products are connected to these devices in order to offer new services. For example, by scanning a figurine which was purchased from the gift shop, the visitor can acquire a new character in their “Mission Oceans” video game.


“Océans”, the movie

Travel at 10 knots in the heart of a group of tunas on the hunt, accompany dolphins in their wild cavalcades, and swim with your shoulder against the fin of a great white shark… The film “Oceans” is about being a fish among fish. After “Himalaya” and “Winged Migration”, Jacques Perrin takes us, using original filming techniques, from polar ice fields to the tropics, in the heart of the oceans and their storms, allowing us to rediscover marine creatures known, unknown or unrecognized…

Technical aspects

  • A film by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Available on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD
  • Producer: Galatée Films

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Copyright Galatée Films

Credits        Terms of use - 33 (0) 5 45 90 12 88 - 72 rue Fontaine du Lizier, 16000 Angoulême

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