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TV series
Genre: Aventure
3D Hybrid series / Real-life Imagery
Length: 52 x 11′
Target: 6/8 year olds.

Marvin and Vaé (8 and 10 years old) are going to discover the beauty of the world’s oceans and their vulnerability. Their mission: rescuing sea animals in trouble.




Second screen App:

By interacting with the episode he is watching, the child enriches their TV experience through communicating on other media. They discover the “Mission Océans” community, the blog, the video game, and the aquariums that they can visit with their family… They learn while having fun and collect factsheets about the sea creatures of the TV series.


Project under developpement



Executive Producer Malika Brahmi Concept Florent Mounier Scriptwriter Paul Philipon Scientific Advisors François Sarano, Stéphane Durand


Photo and video credits

Copyright 2009 Galatée Films – Pathé Production – France 2 Cinéma – France 3 Cinéma – Notro Films

Credits        Terms of use - 33 (0) 5 45 90 12 88 - 72 rue Fontaine du Lizier, 16000 Angoulême

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